16 Tips To Substitute Honey for Sugar

Tips for Substituting Honey in Cooking

Beekeeping, or apiculture, is the cultivation of colonies of honeybees. Commercial beekeeping includes the production of honey and beeswax, the breeding of bees for sale, and the rental of bees for pollinating crops. Beekeeping in most of the world means cultivating the western honeybee, Apis mellifera. The infamous killer bee, a relative of the African […]

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Anti Oxidant, Anti Inflammatory, Anti Aging & Weight Loss

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What is the anti aging, anti oxidant, anti inflammatory substance that also has an extraordinary ability to  produce apoptosis or program cell death in cancer. It costs less than 10 cents a day! For hundreds of years health care experts have researched why some pockets of people around the world live longer and healthier lives.

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Magnesium Deficiency Symptoms

Magnesium Deficiency

Magnesium deficiency is a silent epidemic of modern times, where almost two out of every three people are experiencing its symptoms. However, magnesium deficiency often goes undiagnosed in the absence of reliable clinical tests to determine magnesium status and deficiency symptoms that are often tied up to a number of other health problems. So, for […]

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Wonder Drug Dazzles Doctors

wonder-drug-dazzles getting healthier

Press release For immediate release all international press agencies Wonder drug dazzles doctors IPO expected to raise billions for investors San Diego, CA Researchers have found a new drug that has extraordinary capacity to prevent and reverse many common ailments.  Lowering blood pressure, easing anxiety, improving insomnia, promoting mental acuity, relieving depression, and reducing substance […]

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The Good and Bad About Gut Bacteria

Getting Healthier

When someone hears about gut bacteria, the first thing that comes to mind is the unpleasantness of the name. However, gut bacteria is much more than just a name. Gut bacteria, or gut flora, are vital organisms that reside in the systems of humans and other living species, particularly within the intestinal region. There is […]

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Hormones and Weight Loss

getting healthier with hormones and weight loss

Some people hear the word “hormones” and they think cravings, weight gain, mood fluctuations, bloating, fatigue, anxiety, low sex drive and more!  Hormones! But it does not have to be that way.  Hormones are responsible for many other changes in the female body. For some women, it’s smooth sailing, but for many others, it’s plain […]

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