Health Benefits of Cacao

getting healthier

Many people consider chocolate a guilty pleasure. But in fact, raw chocolate in its natural state is one of the most nutritious foods available. Cacao is a powerful healing food and its health benefits are numerous. Cacao comes from the beans of a evergreen tree “Theobroma Cacao” grown in tropical rain forest. Raw cacao beans […]

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Detox for a Healthier Body

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For the first 5000 years of civilization, humans relied on foods and herbs for medicine.  Only in the past 50 years have we forgotten our medicinal “roots” in favor of patent medicines.  While pharmaceuticals have their value, we should not forget the well-documented, non-toxic and inexpensive healing properties of whole foods.  Can nutrition really reverse […]

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Why is Serotonin So Important?

why is serotonin so important

Serotonin (5-hydroxy-tryptamine, or 5-HT), is a complex brain chemical that transmit information throughout your brain and body cells. This “feel good” neurotransmitter contribute to your overall health and wellbeing by influencing a variety of physiological and psychological functions such as temperature regulation, digestion, sleep pattern, appetite, mood, cognitive function, libido, pain sensation, behaviour, cardiovascular function, […]

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15 Health Benefits of Lemons

Health Benefits of Lemon

One of my favorite fruit trees in my orchard are my lemon trees.  Thankfully they are generous producers and I enjoy the benefits for months each year. There are many reasons why I enjoy my lemons trees and wanted to share them with you. Lemon is packed with vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. The nutritional composition […]

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The Amazing Healing Powers of Garlic

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“The deeper you look into garlic’s wonderful chemistry; the more you tend to discover what you didn’t know before.” Dr. Eric Block, professor of the State University of New York, at the First World Congress on Garlic If you have seen the movie “Medicine Man” with Sean Connery, then you can get a feel for […]

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