Is Fish Oil Essential in Human Nutrition?

Fish oil is mother nature’s anti-freeze.  In the arctic waters, microorganisms would freeze unless they generated omega 3 fats.  From that magical chemistry comes a fat that is of major importance in human health.  Fats are basically solid at room temperature (saturated fats), or liquid at room temperature (polyunsaturated fats).  Fish oil is a uniquely […]

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How Dancing Can Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Former President Ronald Reagan was a dynamic human with accomplishments as actor, father, governor of California and President of the United States.  However, this great man spent the last 10 years of his life requiring continuous nursing care for his Alzheimer’s disease, finally dying at the age of 93.  There is nothing pretty about Alzheimer’s […]

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Nutrient Deficiencies that Surface as Depression

Getting Healthier Nutritional Deficiences that Surface as Depression

50 million Americans or 1 out 6 people are on a prescription psychotropic drug for depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, bipolar. The minds of modern humans are under assault due to poor nutrition, toxic burden, lack of sleep and undue stress. Depression, anxiety and poor concentration are real illnesses that can interfere with the quality of […]

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Curcumin Health Benefits

getting healthier

Curcumin is the biological active constituent of turmeric spice. It has potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that are found beneficial in preventing and reversing neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, depression, epilepsy, cancer, diabetic neuropathy and other related problems.         Turmeric, the yellow spice that gives colour to curry, is the powdered […]

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