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11 Reasons You Need Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is used in many different ways for cooking and medicinal purposes. What many people do not realize is that there are many reasons why you need cayenne pepper in your diet. It can be very beneficial in helping you in getting healthier.  There are many different ways to use cayenne pepper in cooking or alternatively you can take a cayenne pepper supplement. While many people consider cayenne pepper as a wonderful way to boost metabolism, there are many other additional health benefits too and it can go a long way to getting healthier after cancer or other illness.  The key is eating the right spices, in the right quantities, and through the right foods.  Other health benefits.

Appetite/anorexia.  For people with a poor appetite, cayenne may be able to help.  Cayenne stimulates the gastro-intestinal tract, to help increase the flow of gastric juices (hydrochloric acid and digestive enzymes) along with stimulating the muscles in the GI region to move the food more speedily along–thus making the stomach empty sooner.  For speed-eating Americans, you may find that this normally positive effect of cayenne can work against you.  Many people report that if they eat too fast and include cayenne in the meal, then they overeat.  Slow down your eating so that a meal lasts at least 25 minutes, otherwise the stomach does not have time to send signals to the brain that the stomach is full and the food intake should cease.

Baldness.  Remember, baldness is mostly a genetic condition.  However, for those people who are going bald due to poor circulation in the scalp region, cayenne working as a potent vasodilator may help.  Take 2 capsules of 40,000 heat unit cayenne powder with lunch and dinner.  If you really want to accelerate the blood supply to the scalp, then mix the powdered contents from 2 cayenne capsules into a small container of pure aloe vera gel.  Stir thoroughly.  Apply this cayenne mixture to the scalp at bedtime, then wash off in the morning shower.

Bruises & sprains.  Cayenne, when applied topically, is able to exhaust the nerve endings of their Substance P (for pain).   Cayenne ointment will eventually reduce pain without the use of dangerous drugs, like Tylenol, or addictive drugs, like codeine.

11 reasons you need cayenne peppers


Cooling effects.  Cayenne is a potent vasodilator.  As it opens up the blood vessels near the surface and causes sweating, it creates an initial warming sensation, but is actually bringing the body’s internal heat to the surface to be dissipated.  Cayenne is regularly consumed by natives of hot humid climates to help them better tolerate the oppressive heat of the tropics.  Animal research indicates that cayenne actually triggers the hypothalamus of the brain to cool the body.[10]  Just when you think you are fully understanding the breadth of cayenne’s healing abilities, then you notice it will also do the opposite.  See the “warming effect” section below.

Food poisoning.  See “worms” below.

Frostbite.  See “warming effect” below.

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Nausea.  Take a teaspoon of cayenne powder mixed in a tablespoon of olive oil before beginning a trip where motion sickness may be a problem.  Other herbalists[32] recommend an equal blend of ginger, cayenne, and licorice to prevent and relieve motion sickness and other forms of nausea.  For morning sickness in pregnancy, use just the ginger and cayenne mixture.

Are you suffering from a magnesium deficiency?

Stress reducer.  Animals given cayenne have been found to better tolerate physical and psychological stress.  Cayenne is a stimulant and encourages the transmission of nerve impulses, therefore it will offer better stress tolerance in regular users.

Parasites.  See “worms” below.

Warming effect.  Since cayenne is such a potent vasodilator, it has been used to help speed the sensation of feeling in frostbitten hands and feet.  The Denver Broncos professional football team used cayenne rubbed on the feet to keep their feet warm while playing in a blizzard in December of 1987 against the San Diego Chargers.[60]  The Broncos won the game.  In order to try this, for you snowmobilers out there, sprinkle cayenne pepper in your socks.  Or, liquify a small container of petroleum jelly in the microwave, then mix in 3-4 capsules of cayenne powder and let cool before applying to skin.  Remember, your feet may “feel” hot, but you may be losing body heat at a faster rate, so watch the possibilities of frostbite.

Worms.  Ask any farmer, or veterinarian or pet owner about the need to purge worms and parasites from the colon of ALL animals.  Medication, called a vermifuge or anthelmintic, is given often to animals to clean out the inevitable worms and parasites that collect in the digestive tract.  These worms and parasites sap us of energy, change the environment in the gut and lower the immune system.  Although the sanitation at our dinner table is, no doubt, much better than a dog’s dinner bowl or a cow’s feeding trough, many humans are afflicted with parasites and worms.[61]

Cayenne can help.  At a meeting for the American Society for Microbiology held at Louisiana State University, scientists reported the extraordinary ability of hot sauce to kill microorganisms, including a bacteria (Vibrio vulnificus) that is commonly found in oysters and can cause serious health problems in humans eating the oysters.  Hot sauce killed the more common intestinal infections (shigella, E. coli, and salmonella) in one minute flat.  Ever notice how “gringos” seem vulnerable to the tap water in many Latin American countries?  Maybe all that hot sauce in the local’s diet is a major protector against worms, parasites and bacterial food poisoning.  Next time someone warns you “don’t drink the water”, reach for some extra cayenne for that meal. It will help you get healthier too!

Remember, getting healthier means eating a well balanced diet with foods that are as close to nature as possible.

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