Best Spice for Weight Loss

Obesity Leads to Chronic Illness

Although Americans have been in the midst of a “fitness revolution” and rivers of diet soft drinks have been consumed since the FDA approval of aspartame (NutraSweet) in 1982, we now have a 30% increase in the incidence of obesity.  Overweight people are more likely to die young of heart disease, diabetes, or various cancers, especially of the breast and colon.  Cayenne is considered one of the best spices for weight loss.

There is a region of fatty tissue, called  “brown adipose tissue” or BAT, found on the back and buttocks region of people.  BAT is so named because it is much more loaded with blood vessels than regular white fatty storage regions.  BAT is our body’s thermogenic regulator, our internal “wood burning stove”, which is supposed to squander excess stored fat in the making of heat.

Challenges Losing Weight

In many people, due to inactivity, wearing too much clothes, keeping the home thermostat set too high and exposure to psychological stress; we end up letting the BAT atrophy.  Under ideal conditions, BAT takes excess fat in the body and burns it to maintain the ideal body temperature of 98.6 F.  When BAT atrophies, it becomes very difficult for many people to lose weight.  Ephedra from the Chinese herb, Ma Huang, along with white willow bark (aspirin) and Gotu Kola (caffeine) have been shown to stimulate BAT into action to help people lose weight.  Cayenne also stimulates BAT.[i]  One of the simplest things anyone can do to slowly and safely lose weight is to eat cayenne and other hot peppers to gear up the burning of stored fats in BAT.  This simple procedure requires no change in diet and no exercise.  It just increases the amount of calories being burned while at rest.  Of course, if you do exercise and eat a low fat diet, the weight will melt away much quicker.

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Fat reduction

Cayenne has the remarkable ability to favorably alter the levels of fats in the blood and the body.  Country doctors have noticed for decades that people who eat lots of hot peppers rarely get overweight.  In animals, giving capsaicin in the diet while feeding 30% of the calories as lard provided for a 29% reduction in serum triglycerides compared to animals fed the same diet but no capsaicin.[18]  A human using cayenne pepper daily might expect to drop their triglycerides from 300 milligrams per deciliter, which puts them at risk for heart disease[19], to 213 mg per deciliter which is closer to the normal range.   In the animal study just mentioned, there was a 24% reduction in fat surrounding the kidneys (perirenal).  Through some unknown mechanism, cayenne helps the body to mobilize and use up fats, which is a very healthy effect for fat-burdened Americans.

Best Spice for Weight Loss

Thyroid problems

Do you suffer from any of the following symptoms: constipation, fatigue, depression, poorly regulated or painful menstrual cycles, hair loss, easy weight gain, allergies, heart disease, and poor tolerance to cold temperatures?   If so, then you may have an easily corrected problem: hypothyroidism.  According to a huge amount of scientific literature on this subject, up to 40% of the American public suffers from mild to severe hypothyroidism.  Stephen Langer, MD[49]; Denis Wilson, MD[50] and Broda Barnes, MD, PhD[51] have been pioneers in alerting the public to this fundamental health problem.  If your basal temperature first thing in the morning is below 97.8 F, then you may have hypothyroidism.   This simple and easily corrected issue may make a huge difference in your overall health.

Cayenne may be able to help.  Herbalists find that a mixture of cayenne (since it is a potent stimulant) along with kelp, gentian root, and Irish moss may be able to stimulate the thyroid back into full action.  Otherwise, it may be necessary to find a physician willing to recommend prescription thyroid supplements to gear up the lagging thyroid gland.  Cayenne Pepper is one of the best spices for thyroid management.  Cayenne pepper has also shown to help reduce diabetes and blood sugar problems.

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Constipation is one of the more common complaints among Americans.  Given our low fiber, low fluid intake along with too much sugar, meat, cheese, and fat; it should not be surprising that the most commonly shoplifted item from American pharmacies is Preparation H, for hemorrhoids.  Cayenne increases the flow of juices in the intestinal tract, which helps to speed the food through the GI tract.   At moderate intake, hot chilis will encourage regularity.  At a higher intake, chilis can cause diarrhea and irritation of the colo-rectal region, hence the slogan at many a chili fest: “Burns at both ends.”  Obviously, we are looking for healthy and daily bowel elimination, not diarrhea or irritation of hemorrhoids.

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