Best Foods for Eye Health

Best Foods for Great Vision

Healthy eyes are vital to enjoy quality life but in recent years, with increased prevalence of obesity and associated chronic diseases like diabetes; rates of myopia, poor vision and blindness (diabetic retinopathy) are on the rise at all stages of life. However, it’s heartening to note that including certain foods in your daily diet can help […]

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Wonder Drug Dazzles Doctors

wonder-drug-dazzles getting healthier

Press release For immediate release all international press agencies Wonder drug dazzles doctors IPO expected to raise billions for investors San Diego, CA Researchers have found a new drug that has extraordinary capacity to prevent and reverse many common ailments.  Lowering blood pressure, easing anxiety, improving insomnia, promoting mental acuity, relieving depression, and reducing substance […]

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Getting Healthier with Traditional Medicines

getting-healthier-with-traditional medicines

Today we generally refer to medical practices that have evolved with indigenous people and later accepted by others, largely as a result of emigration, as traditional or alternative medicine. We consider methods utilized in the western world and developed over the past couple hundred years as western medicine.  Alternative and complementary medicines are often used […]

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Getting Healthier with Time Release Foods


For thousands of years, our ancestors ate foods that slowly released their calories in the process of digestion, to be eventually absorbed into the bloodstream and easily handled by a meager supply of insulin and provided them with a healthier life.  However, the modern world has ignored this biological adaptation of our bodies and we […]

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