12 Keys to a Healthier Cancer Patient Book

Does Nature Know Something that Your Doctor Does Not Know?

Your body has the ability to recognize and destroy cancer if …

you provide the necessary natural forces, called epigenetics.

Easy to Read

Attitude, nutrition, gut health, exercise, detoxification, and energy alignment are the forces that allow your body to find and destroy cancer cells.

Using evidence-based guidelines, this book gives you a short and readable road map to augment your doctor’s best care while undergoing cancer treatment

Learn How These 12 Keys are Essential in Your Quest for Cancer Recovery

+ Understand The Problem
+ Understand The Solution
+ Genetics
+ Power of the Mind
+ Exercise
+ Toxins

+ Energy Alignment
+ Microbiome
+ Nutrition
+ Comprehensive Treatment
+ Change Underlying Cause
+ Rational Cancer Treatment

Become an Important Member of YOUR Cancer Recovery Team.


Testimonial from Alan Gaby, MD.

One of the world’s foremost authorities on Nutritional Medicine

“This book is long overdue.  Cancer patients need a sense of empowerment while undergoing medical therapy.  Dr. Quillin’s book provides a practical game plan to help cancer patients unlock their own healing powers.  Strongly endorsed.”

Testimonials from Cancer Patients

L.M, Georgia
L.M. was diagnosed in 1994 with late stage breast cancer.  She read and followed the principles in BEATING CANCER WITH NUTRITION while using her doctor’s selective tumor de-bulking therapies.  While her prognosis had been poor, L.M. went into complete remission.  L.M. attended a lecture by your author in Atlanta in November of 2018 and was delighted with her newfound health.  25 years after her death sentence, L.M. looks and feels fabulous.

Ann Fonfa
I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 1993.  Because of extreme Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, I ended up refusing chemotherapy, had no radiation and no hormonal therapy.  The main things I changed, was what I ate, becoming a 100% organic vegan, exercising daily for an hour, and starting on dietary supplements. 

I found Dr. Quillin’s book very early on thankfully.  There was no Internet but a book with the exciting and satisfying title of Beating Cancer With Nutrition, meant so much to me.  I even shared the information with other women in my support group who were going through conventional treatments.  Some of them were brave enough to add these ideas to their own protocols and received benefits. I have always been grateful for the wisdom Dr. Quillin imparted which made me feel confident in the path I chose.

My own outcome was completely different than everyone else as I continued to have small tumors (largest was 1.5 cm).  Amazingly all but the first were growing slower than normal cells and from the first recurrence onward I was told not to take chemotherapy.  Eventually I met a Chinese Herbalist who prescribed an herbal protocol for me, which despite his initial request to only do his herbs, I added to my existing program.  MRI-proven free of cancer in September 2001.  I share all information about my protocols and evidence-based ideas on getting and staying well during treatment and after via Annie Appleseed Project, the all-volunteer nonprofit I founded.  We also host annual conferences.  26 years after my diagnosis, I am still in remission.

You Can Unlock your Body’s Incredible Capacity to Heal and Regenerate Itself 

Includes Recipes and Diet for Cancer Patients

Extras for the Cancer Patient …

Full Color

Generous use of color images to explain complicated concepts.


Hyperlinks in the eBook provide an interactive experience. Click on the link to visit the original article or website.


A one week recipe section with color photographs.

Large Print

Larger font for readers with compromised vision.


Each chapter begins with “from Nature’s pharmacy” about a superfood to include in your diet – often. 

Patient Profiles

Each chapter ends with a patient profile which provides inspiration and insight. 

This book provides the essential keys for the cancer patient
Unleash the full power of Nature to destroy cancer cells in your body.
Improve your quality and quantity of life.
Improve your chances for a complete remission while working with your doctor.


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