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Medicines in Your Kitchen

Your body wants to be healthy. But we are not providing the proper “building materials” to allow the body to maintain health.   Just like if a home builder is not supplied with the proper array of high quality lumber, concrete, pipes, nails, etc., then the workers cannot create a strong house. Many of the foods we need can be found in our kitchens.

Though humankind certainly has developed some advanced tools, like notebook computers, satellite communication, and laser surgery, we still cannot make a baby, or an apple or even leather. We have to rely on Nature for these gifts.

The same goes for our health.  Good health does not come from an endless series of trips to the doctor.

Good health has to be earned by working hand-in-hand with Nature.


Diet, Exercise, Attitude & Toxins

medicines in your kitchenGiven the opportunity, your body should provide you with good to excellent health for the better part of 80 to 120 years. If you are not getting this level of performance from your body, then examine your diet, exercise, attitude, and exposure to toxins. These four major components influence how you feel, how often you get sick, how much zest you get out of life, and how long you will live.  Do you know all the health benefits of green tea?

PERSONAL PROFILE. FJ was a busy attorney with more money than health. He had already suffered one heart attack and was under constant medical surveillance since he had all the signs of having another heart attack. FJ came to me for help. The medication he was taking was causing impotence and problems concentrating on his work. I suggested that we try a different approach to reversing his heart disease. While continuing with his medication, I put him on a low fat diet, daily exercise, with lots of garlic, vinegar, vitamin E, fish oil, and chromium supplements. Within 8 weeks, FJ’s doctor remarked about the changes in his risk factors. Within 12 weeks, FJ was taken off medication and found a newfound passionate romance with his wife and his work. This is just one example of how people can find near-miraculous relief · in Nature’s pharmacy.  He may have also used this wonder drug.

Nature has the most remarkable, inexpensive, and non-toxic healing agents on the planet earth. Nature’s pharmacy has been around much longer than mankind’s pharmacies.

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  1. Thank you for all of your up to date informative advice!I use all of the seasonings everyday except cloves. Any ideas?

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