Alternative Medicine to Improve Your Health

About 30 young American men die each year during early football season from dehydration.  Large men out of shape working hard in the late summer heat and not drinking enough water all makes for a dangerous situation referred to as “heat stroke”.  It can be lethal.  The only cure is water.  Water becomes a blatant biological response modifier in this case.  But all foods that we eat have similarities to this situation because food and drink change the way the body works–for better or worse.

Most Americans choose their food for reasons of taste, cost, convenience and psychological gratification.  All those reasons are okay, as long as we do not forget the real reason that we eat: to nourish the cells of the body with essential ingredients from the diet.  Every time you eat, picture the cavalry from the old west delivering the long-awaited supplies to fort–you better have the right stuff with you.  While humans can survive on bad diets for years, we can only thrive on a narrowly defined set of nutrition principles.

Herbal Remedies Found in the Kitchen

Know this rule:  everything that you put in your mouth is a Biological Response Modifier (BRM).  Brilliant scientists at the National Cancer Institute have labored for years trying to produce something from the laboratory that will rectify human cancer.  These researchers have developed the field of BRM, in which potent drugs and extracts from the immune system will hopefully improve health.  Results in this area have been very disappointing.

But every time you eat a meal high in carbohydrates and get a little sleepy afterward, you have used food as a BRM to alter brain chemicals.  A high salt diet changes the critical sodium to potassium ratio in the blood and cell membranes, which can affect many hormones and the permeability of cell membranes.  Respect the incredible impact of food, water and air on the mind and body.


Nutrients as Biological Response Modifiers

Self-regulatory mechanisms; feeding homeostasis

The ability or tendency of an organism or a cell to maintain
internal equilibrium by adjusting its physiological processes
“Non-specific host defense mechanisms”

Immune Regulators
Alter Genetic Expression
Cell Membrane Dynamics
PH Maintenance, Balancing Protons
Prooxidants and AOX, Balancing Electrons
Cellular Communications (signal cell transduction)
Prostaglandin Regulation
Steroid Hormone Control
Energy Metabolism: Aerobics Vs Anaerobic
Probiotics Vs Dysbiosis
Anti-Proliferative Agents


Alternative Health Care.

Alternative Medicine to Improve Your Health

Vectors are forces, which vary in strength and direction.  For instance, a small plane flying at 100 miles per hour north into a head wind at 120 mph has a ground speed of -20 mph.  Progress is seriously impaired by the opposing force of the wind.

All lifestyle factors are vectors which either move you toward illness or wellness.  Consider the person who is smoking (-80 mph), eats a low fat diet (+60 mph), takes vitamin supplements (+40 mph), has a stressful attitude (-100 mph), and eats a high sugar diet ((-80).  The overwhelming direction for this person is toward illness, even though he or she is doing some things right.  Health is a sum total of vectors.  For optimal health, take a look at alternative health care and get all vectors heading in a favorable direction.

The more wellness you have, the less illness you can have.

Just like darkness is the absence of light, disease is the absence of wellness.  Wellness is a state of optimal functioning of body, mind and spirit.  A well person may have 90% wellness and 10% illness.  A sick person may have 10% wellness and 90% illness.  A body region cannot be well and ill at the same time.  Therefore, curing illness is a matter of replacing it with wellness.  The same unhealthy lifestyle may create heart disease in 30% of the people, cancer in 25%, arthritis in 10%, and mental illness in 5%.  In a very important step toward removing illness, simply allow wellness to infiltrate the body and mind.


Immune System

Enhanced by: Reduced by:
Vitamins: A,C,E,B-6 Toxic Metals: Cd,Pb,Hg
Minerals: Zn, Cr, Se VOC: PCB, benzene
Quasi-vitamins: CoQ, EPA, GLA Sugar: glycemix index
Herbals: astragalus, Cat’s Claw, Pau D’arco Omega 3:6 ratio, 1:1, 1:16
Foods: yogurt, cartilage, garlic, enzymes, green leafy, fish oil, colostrum Stress: depression
Positive emotions: love

Holistic Health Care

Alternative Medicine to Improve Your HealthWe have an extensive network of protective factors that circulate throughout our bodies to kill any bacteria, virus, yeast or cancer cells and fall under the umbrella of holistic health.  Think of these 20 trillion immune cells as both your Department of Defense and your waste disposal company.

Cells in your body are duplicating all day every day at a blinding pace.  This process of growth is fraught with peril.  When cells are not copied exactly as they should be, then an emergency call goes out to the immune system to find and destroy this abnormal saboteur cell.  This process occurs frequently in most people throughout their lives.

Nearly half, or 42% of Americans can expect to develop cancer in their lifetime, yet most experts agree that everyone gets cancer about 6 times per lifetime.  Same with infections.  We are constantly bombarded with pathogens from our air, food, and water; yet it is the surveillance of an alert and capable immune system that defends most of us from cancer, infections, and premature aging.

Does Salt Cause High Blood Pressure?

Herbal Medicine Starts in the KitchenThere is some evidence that a high sodium (salt) diet causes high blood pressure in a minority of people.  Yet, all of our body cells are bathed in a salty solution like the ocean.  There is even more evidence that hypertension (high blood pressure) is much more complicated than monitoring salt intake.  Fish oil (containing valuable omega 3 fats), vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, potassium, fitness, stress, body weight and percent body fat all add up to a complete equation that dictates hypertension.  In general, animal foods are higher in sodium and plant foods are higher in potassium.

Most people get enough salt without salting their food.  However, intense perspiration through heat and exercise drains the body of salt through sweat.  Make sure that you get enough calcium, magnesium, potassium and fish oil.  Salt to taste.  Monitor your blood pressure.  The vast majority of the population can eat reasonable amounts of salt without measurable increases in blood pressure.  See the included pull out chart for options on salty condiments: miso, Lite salt (half sodium, half potassium), vinegar, kelp, lemon juice, and more.

Raw or Cooked Food?

All creatures on earth, except humans, eat exclusively raw food.  Biologists tell us that humans began cooking their food around 400,000 years ago.  Based upon these facts, some groups have decided to become “raw food” enthusiasts.  To be sure, there are some merits in eating some foods raw.  Fruits are best eaten raw.  Some vegetables, like carrots can be eaten raw.  However, cooking food has the advantage of making foods easier to chew and digest while also neutralizing many bacteria, fungus, and parasites that are competing for our food supply.

Some raw food, like potatoes, legumes, and grains, provide the body with nothing more than fiber unless cooked or sprouted.  The net amount of calories derived from cooked foods is much higher than the calories from raw food, because the body has to work harder to break down complex molecules in raw food to derive nutritional benefit.

While the human brain comprises 5% of our body weight, it consumes 25% of the oxygen and calories.  Human intelligence allowed humans to dominate the planet earth and adapt to rapidly changing environments.  In a compelling paper presented by Richard Wrangham, PhD of Harvard University at the 2009 conference of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Dr. Wrangham proposes that in order for humans to evolve, they needed cooked food as the “killer application (reference to quality computer software)” as the crucial link in maintaining our hungry brains.  For the best of both raw and cooked food worlds, cover 1/3 of your dinner plate with cooked wholesome plant food (like oatmeal and steamed vegetables), 1/3 with cooked lean protein food (like turkey, salmon, eggs), and the remaining 1/3 with raw fruits and vegetables.

Practicing Herbal Medicine without a License

Our ancestors used herbal medicine as a primary form of preventive and curative therapies.  The vast majority of the world still uses herbal medicine as its primary or only form of healing.  That would make our current American allopathic system of patent drug use “alternative medicine”, since we are in the minority of the world’s people.

Immune System

As Supplements As Foods As Seasonings
Echinacea Soy Garlic
Astragalus Green & Orange Onion
Cat’s Claw Dandelion Greens Hot Peppers
Pau D’arco Citrus Cinnamon
Ginseng  Tomato Ginger
Grape Seed Extract  Green Tea Real Licorice
Aloe Vera  Broccoli or Cabbage Turmeric (curry)
Red Clover  Beets Parsley
Milk Thistle  Sprouts  Sage
Essiac  Flaxseed Meal Chicory
Hoxsey  Sesame Seed Thyme
Flor Essence  Maritke Mushroom  Basil

Herbal medicine starts in the kitchen with seasoning herbs that have been time tested for their safety and good taste while being scientifically validated for their ability to favorably alter the body’s biochemistry.         Enjoy!

PATIENT PROFILE: Surviving asbestos cancer.  K.F. was diagnosed with mesothelioma, having spent some time in his youth working with asbestos.  His original oncologist gave him an optimistic 6 months to live.  He and his wife began using an aggressive diet and supplement program in conjunction with his chemotherapy.  Three years later, K.F. still has the cancer, but has had an excellent quality of life and looks better than his neighbors.  Nutrition doesn’t cure every cancer patient, but it usually provides a dramatic extension in quality and quantity of life.

Dr. Patrick Quillin

Dr. Patrick Quillin, PhD,RD,CNS is an internationally recognized expert in the area of nutrition and cancer. He has 30 years experience as a clinical nutritionist, of which 10 years were spent as the Vice President for a leading cancer hospital system where he worked with thousands of cancer patients in a hospital setting. His a Best Selling Author with 17 books which have sold over 2 million copies.

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