Defying the Odds: How to Beat Cancer Again

Having already conquered cancer, you hold an extraordinary power within you – the strength to triumph over it once again. While countless lives have been lost, and vast resources expended in the fight against this formidable disease, you possess the innate ability to defy the odds and beat cancer again. This book serves to ignite the healer within you, empowering you to embark on a transformative journey to victory.

Surveillance Theory of Cancer: Safeguarding Your Health Against Daily Threats

First proposed by Erhlich in 1909, the surveillance theory of cancer has been well accepted by scientists worldwide.  Your intact immune system recognizes and destroys the inevitable tumor cells that crop up daily.  By one estimate, each of your 37 trillion cells experiences 5000-10,000 DNA “hits” per day or potentially cancer causing damage from free radicals.  Yet, your body finds and repairs these DNA hits.  

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”
Thomas Edison, inventor the light bulb and over 1000 patents, 1903

Unleash Your Inner Healer: Beat Cancer Once More

There is a mysterious yet irreplaceable force in all of life that “knows” how to heal itself.  The broken bone, the scab on your arm, the baby being made in that woman’s uterus, the ability of children to regenerate a severed fingertip–all tell us that Nature has an incredible plan for good health and long life.  But only if those same natural forces within us have been given the raw building blocks of physical nutrients and meta-physical thoughts and feelings, plus relative freedom from toxic blockages.

Addressing the Root Cause of Cancer

Pregnancy is not a 9 month illness to be cured by a doctor; heart disease is not caused by a deficiency of statin drugs; cancer is not caused by a deficiency of chemo drugs; heart disease, cancer, wounds, infections, arthritis, and other conditions are abnormalities.  Restore your body’s ability to regulate itself, and these common ailments oftentimes will disappear.  Reverse the obesity and the diabetes goes away.  Eliminate the offending food and allergies clear up.  Fix the underlying cause of cancer, and the cancer can clear up.


Modern Medicine has It’s Benefits

If you are in a car accident, then head to the nearby big city emergency center for the best medical care the world has ever seen.  If you have a bacterial infection that has a targeted antibiotic, then you are in luck with modern medicine.  However, if you are among the 99% of medical patients who suffer from a degenerative disease (e.g. heart disease, cancer, diabetes, auto-immune, fatty liver, mental illness) then:

“Modern medicine is based on a lie.”

Dale Bredesen, MD, UCLA, author THE END OF ALZHEIMER’S

Micro surgery, 3 D printing of spare body parts, DNA cloning, targeted gene therapy, telemedicine, computer simulated drug development, and more are all noteworthy accomplishments of modern medicine.  Yet your body has innate mechanisms of self-regulation and self-repair that are poorly understood by the brightest minds on the planet earth.  We cannot reproduce this wonder of healing.  But we can encourage it.  That is what this book is all about.

88% of Americans have some metabolic disorder.  2/3 of Americans are overweight.  The incidence of diabetes has skyrocketed from the rare rich obese man to now 30 million Americans have it and another 60 million are prediabetic. Nearly 6 million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease.  In one generation autism incidence has grown from 1 in 5000 to now 1 in 59.  Cancer incidence has increased from 1% of deaths in 1900 to 24% of deaths in 2017.  Technology and our modern lifestyle have come with a cost.

Is Cancer an Infection?

Unraveling the Connection: Cancer and Genetics Explained

Genetics shows us that you look something like some of your ancestors.  Hard wired information that is irreversible.  Epigenetics shows us that much of our lifestyle plays a powerful role in modifying our genetic risk factors for disease.  Soft programming, or epigenetics, says that we can literally change the way our body works.

Beat Cancer

Cancer Overtakes Weaker & Sicker Cells

In the Disney movie, “Never Cry Wolf”, a biologist was assigned the task of observing wolves in the Arctic north to see if wolves were killing the elk, and whether the wolves must be killed.  The biologist found that wolves primarily eat rodents, such as mice and rats.  When the wolf pack ran down a herd of elk, the wolves caught and ate the slowest and sickest of the elk herd.  The biologist ran out to the elk carcass that the wolves had finished feasting on, broke off a piece of ribbing, and found that the elk had been suffering from leukemia.  In other words, the wolves pruned the sick and feeble in the elk herd. 

Similarly, cancer and infections attack a feeble and compromised host.  Cancer cannot invade a healthy body.  Make your body healthy, and the cancer simply goes away.  Improve the health of the elk herd, and the wolves cannot catch the healthy ones.  Only the sick elk (or body cells) are vulnerable to the wolves (or cancer).

During the 2020 covid virus global pandemic, it was found that the average age of death for covid victims was 78.  The average lifespan in America is 78.  Over 90% of the victims were both old and had underlying medical conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, etc.  Over 50% of the deaths were in 1% of the counties in the US.  And the authorities shut down everything.  Unprecedented in American history.  In other words, covid was an opportunistic infection that attacked the frail.  So does cancer.  This book will show you how to get your body so healthy that cancer is unwelcome in your body.

Vitamin E Benefits for Cancer Patients

Understanding the Host to Beat Cancer

Drop a watermelon seed on the concrete, then the seed will not grow, because the conditions required for growth (warm temperature, fertile soil and moisture) have not been met.  For decades, American doctors have spent 100% of their time trying to kill the “seed”, or the cancer cell.  Yet Antoine Bechamp (1816-1908), a French biologist, was the first to notice that the “soil” or the environment on which the yeast or bacteria fell was crucial in germinating the disease.

Dr. Stephen Paget wrote in Lancet in 1889 “Cancer metastasis involves a complicated biochemical ‘conversation’ between the seed and the soil.”  Professor Bruce Ames at the University of California Berkeley has shown that cancer can be generated in animals simply by depriving the animal of certain nutrients, which results in “biochemical chaos” and cancer.

Oncologist Isaiah Fidler at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston has recently added his endorsement of this “seed and soil” theory in cancer: “The time has come to put major emphasis on the soil.”  The “soil” is your body which is highly dependent on the nutrients in your diet.

Beat Cancer

You have already beat cancer, and you can do it again.  Read more from 12 Keys to a Healthier Cancer Patient – awaken the healer within you.

(excerpted from BEATING CANCER WITH NUTRITION by Patrick Quillin)

Dr. Patrick Quillin

Dr. Patrick Quillin, PhD,RD,CNS is an internationally recognized expert in the area of nutrition and health. He has 30 years experience as a clinical nutritionist, of which 10 years were spent as the Vice President for a leading cancer hospital system where he worked with thousands of cancer patients in a hospital setting. He is a Best Selling Author with 18 books which have sold over 2,000,000 copies and also a Keynote Speaker.

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