Curcumin in Cancer Treatment

­­­­Among the top mortality causes in the world, cancer takes the first place. If we told you there is a natural and safe herb that can improve and possibly reduce almost every kind of cancer, would you believe us? Curcumin in Cancer TreatmentDr. William LaValley has focused majority of his research on cancer and according to him, the derivative of turmeric, curcumin, together with the pigment which gives the orange-yellow color to the curry spice, might be the thing we’re looking for. It can help us all in our effort to get healthier.

This natural product has been researched to all possible extents and research found that it has multiple applications in helping us getting  healthier during and after cancer treatment and when seeking relief from many diseases.

He got his first experience with traditional acupuncture and Chinese medicine ancient practices in 1982 when he took part in an exchange program with People’s Republic of China.

“One of the important messages that I learned there was that natural products, natural molecules, from plants and animals that are already available in nature, have been used by the Chinese for at least hundreds, probably thousands of years. That deeply changed my perspective in the world of medicine,” says Dr. LaValley. 

“I came back to medical school, and thereafter, looked at how I could integrate the perspective of conventional pharmaceutical administration as well as natural extract, natural product administration.”

Having devoted over 30 years of my own career to nutrition and specifically beating cancer with nutrition, I cannot advocate enough the beneficial research that has been done in identifying the  biochemical ways nutrition can support our health and help us get healthier.

Curcumin in Cancer TreatmentCurcumin Has Potent Anti-Cancer Activity

In order to deeply involve himself in the molecular biology science, more concretely the cancer molecular biology, Dr.LaValley took sabbatical for 75% of his time during 2005. He spent between 9000 and 9500 hours of his time building a database which shows relations from the literature on the PubMed related to cancer molecular biology.

By understanding molecular biology, you can apply it through the wide range of symptoms and conditions which are documented in scientific literature. One can apply this knowledge by searching PubMed and similar databases and searching for the involvement of significant molecular pathways. These foods can also help fight against cancer.

“In learning the molecular biology of cancer pathways, and in learning that what the evidence actually shows for the effect of natural product extracts on various relevant molecular targets in various cancers, we see that there’s actually quite a large amount of evidence that supports using various molecules, natural products, and pharmaceuticals that are already approved and that have been around for a long time to affect anti-cancer activity along that pathway at that target. That’s called molecularly targeted anti-cancer treatment, and it’s widely practiced in oncology today.

What’s not widely practiced is the use of the natural products for the molecularly targeted anti-cancer activity. I provide that for my patients because the evidence base suggests and supports the use of these treatment recommendations.”

Curcumin – A ‘Universal’ Cancer Treatment?

Curcumin in Cancer TreatmentOne really odd thing about curcumin is that it seems to be uniquely useful for almost all types of cancer, which is strange since wide range of molecular pathologies are involved in cancer. It’s hard to believe that one plant would work for almost all types. Dr. LaValley summarizes how he concluded this:

“I went back to the literature and looked at how I can support the decision-making process and the recommendations that I’m making for treatment from the scientific literature, including literature that goes from the treatment of humans with oral products like pharmaceuticals or natural products.

This is where I learned about this molecule called curcumin, all the way down to its use in animals and then its use in test tubes or petri dish… One of the amazing things about curcumin is that this molecule has some profound anti-inflammatory activity and has activity in many molecular targets.

There are molecules that are in the cells, and those molecules interact with each other along certain pathways or tracks. The traffic of that interaction, the signals that are transferred in that trafficking of information in the molecules, presents many different targets or molecular-specific complexes.”

Curcumin Targets Cancer Cells

Whether the curcumin molecule acts by increasing the activity of its special molecular focus point, or shows a inhibition or decrease in activity, repeated studies have shown that the ultimate result of these actions are very strong anti-cancer actions. To add to this, healthy cells are in no way affected by curcumin, which would suggest that it directly targets only the cancer-affected cells. There is also research which suggests that curcumin works in synergy with some chemotherapy medications, speeding up the process of removing of cancerous cells and we can then focus on getting healthier particularly after cancer and chemotherapy.  When faced with cancer or other illness try using the power of your mind to help you get healthier.

Curcumin Destroys Cancer in Multiple Ways

Curcumin in Cancer TreatmentCompared to other nutrients, except maybe vitamin D, the majority of evidence found in literature supports the use of curcumin for fighting cancer. What is also interesting is the fact that other metabolites and derivatives of curcumin also show anti-cancerous properties.

By enhancing healthy cellular functions and by eliminating cancerous cells, curcumin has shown the power to affect both genetic activities and genetic expression. Curcumin also helps in anti-angiogenesis, which means it can help in the developing of blood supply needed for cancerous cells to grow. Once the curcumin gets into the cell, it has effect on over 100 molecular pathways. To be more specific, it’s been proven that curcumin can:


prevent the tumor cells proliferation slow down the inflammation
prevent normal cells from transforming to tumorous cells prevent the proteins essential for tumor formation from synthesizing
it helps your immune system destroy cancerous cells so they can’t spread through your body inhibits the formation of blood supply essential to growth of cancer cells (angiogenesis)




Dr. Patrick Quillin

Dr. Patrick Quillin, PhD,RD,CNS is an internationally recognized expert in the area of nutrition and health. He has 30 years experience as a clinical nutritionist, of which 10 years were spent as the Vice President for a leading cancer hospital system where he worked with thousands of cancer patients in a hospital setting. He is a Best Selling Author with 18 books which have sold over 2,000,000 copies and also a Keynote Speaker.

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